As a student, Bart Naber interned at a recruitment and selection agency. He noticed how time-consuming and expensive application procedures are. I thought, “I’m sure there is a simpler, more effective and more fun way to do this”. This is how the application app OTSO came about.

“Job seekers need less than two minutes to create a profile,” says the young entrepreneur. They download the app for free, sign in with their LinkedIn profile and Facebook profile and complete six preferences. Having a curriculum vitae or a LinkedIn profile is a prerequisite for using the app, as is a personal description in 80 words.

On the basis of the preferences – including field of work, educational level and salary – OTSO finds suitable vacancies. The job seeker can then swipe. To the left for no; to the right for yes. Following it is possible to add a brief motivation or to apply directly. If the employer is also interested, there is a match and both receive each other’s contact information.

Infinite swiping

“We would like you to be able to swipe infinitely,” says Naber. Of course, we need enough vacancies to achieve that, but many employers are very eager. There are some impressive names on the OTSO website.

From this year on it is possible for employers to add vacancies - for free - and only pay performance based per applicant. No applicants means no invoice. This allows organizations to post as many vacancies as they like. They can also give multiple recruiters access to the platform by means of their pc dashboard.

From the very start large companies such as Nuon and Dominos Pizza are on board. Naber is convinced that the entrepreneurial culture in Tilburg has contributed to his success. “Informal networks, friendly contact, the desire to help and support each other,” is how Naber describes the culture of the city where he was born and raised.

Launch party

He drew in the first job seekers by throwing a launch party at a bar in Tilburg. “Guest could only enter if they had liked us on Facebook or downloaded our app.”

What also helped was the free publicity for the innovative service. “We created and received newsworthiness,” says Naber proudly. With a nod to the popular dating app, OTSO made the news as the Tinder for companies. Furthermore, he got second place at the Accenture Innovation Awards and third as Entrepreneur of the Year at VNO-NCV.

1.5 million swipes

Two and a half year after OTSO was founded, users have swiped more than 1.5 million times and is the app used by more than 25.000 job seekers. More than five hundred employers post vacancies on the online application platform. Naber’s young company now employs people.

As far as the founder is concerned, this is only the beginning. OTSO is one of the best ways for employers and job seekers to find each other. “It is one more way to find jobs. Our goal is to become the only way.”