Marc Heuvelmans is full of energy. He talks passionately about everything he does, whether that is his legal practice, writing columns, or presiding over entrepreneurial association BORT.

Heuvelmans is one of the five partners at Bogaerts & Groenen attorneys, a firm with offices in Boxtel and Tilburg. Forty five employees work there, mainly in entrepreneurial law.

“We would like to be a partner for entrepreneurs”, says Heuvelmans. When they are about to make an important decision, they are always welcome for a cup of coffee without immediately having the meter running. A free sounding board, we call it. “You don’t pay, but it pays off.”

Evolving law practice

The law practice is constantly evolving. Digitalization, for example, offers all sorts of possibilities. Bogaerts & Groenen has a number of online knowledge portals for clients. On these, the firm can share legal and other interesting facts with entrepreneurs. Clients, in turn, give input for a database with sectoral information.

Another development is that rates are under pressure. Bogaerts & Groenen’s answer is the ‘legal office’. This office offers cheap, no-frills legal aid. Customers can update their own files, which are assessed by a team of legal aids or, if necessary, by a lawyer. “You can compare this with flying business class with KLM or a budget flight with Ryanair,” says Heuvelmans.

Books and articles

Heuvelmans is specialized in business conflicts. He likes to play a central role in solving problems. He also writes books and articles about his profession, as well as columns for, among others, the Brabants Dagblad. In this paper, he also sang Tilburg’s praises.

“It’s a city of putting your shoulders to it together,” says the lawyer. The Vitaal associations are a good example. “They are one of a kind in the Netherlands,” according to Heuvelmans. All business parks in Tilburg have one. Together, the members are responsible for a secure and livable environment.

The BORT (Regional Businesses Panel Tilburg), which Heuvelmans presides over, is originally an umbrella organization for all business parks. There is some good lobbying going on. “We often meet with the city of Tilburg at an administrative level, so we are often involved in city policies at an early stage,” says the chairman.

Network club

BORT has also developed itself as a networking club. Entrepreneurs who do not operate from a business park are also welcome. They can join the TOP, the Tilburg Platform for Entrepreneurs, which is affiliated with BORT.

Approximately 400 members exchange knowledge and experiences, for example about corporate social responsibility. BORT also adresses issues on behalf of business parks which could cause conflict on other terrains as well. For instance, you could think of traffic safety and temporary housing of migrant workers.