PauwR has already reinvented itself a number of times. That is how it goes if you want to be in the lead in online business. Together with fellow internet businesses in Tilburg, PauwR belongs to the Dutch top, and he is not afraid to broadcast this. That is why they launched a joint label: UMAINLY.

A former manufacturer’s house, which used to be a notary office for a long time, is now furnished with a standing table against a graffiti backdrop. This is where 30 digital marketeers advise clients like the Hero, Expert and Voetbal International how to best spend their online advertising budget.

PauwR strives to be in the vanguard of online advertising. Founded in 2003, they were one of the firsts to work on improving clients’ findability on Google. They were front-runners when they specialized in digital marketing. During the Dutch Search Awards 2016, PauwR won two nominations as well as an award.

Sharing knowledge

The agency was also one of the firsts to hire an economic psychologist. She is there every week to provide anyone with psychological marketing tips.

PauwR believes in sharing knowledge. The company does so in many different ways with web developers as well as advertising, communication, and (social) media agencies. A large chunk of their turnover is generated by that partner network. Founder Pieter Voogt explains how this works: “Oh, is that what you do? That is exactly what my client is looking for.”

To keep up with the latest developments, the entire PauwR team traveled to Dublin in early 2016 to visit, among others, Google and Twitter. This fits with an agency where customer satisfaction is key. The digital marketeers are given a lot of responsibility and room to develop themselves. Voogt, “These are important values for the Millennials working here; the people between 23 and 33 years old.”

Online talent

It is very important to engage good staff in a sector where employers are always looking for online talent. This search was one of the reasons why Voogt and others started UMAINLY in 2014, a collective of twelve online agencies from Tilburg. One of the goals is to recruit good staff together.

UMAINLY is also a brand. “We want to show that Tilburg has some wonderful agencies that create beautiful things for major clients,” says Voogt. “This has received very little attention until now.” He thinks that the people in Tilburg are too modest for this.

Online agencies from other cities are impressed with the collective. “But for us, it was the next logical step,” says Voogt. Agencies in Tilburg are used to running into each other and helping each other by referring clients. In his opinion, that is part of the city’s DNA. “Only when you tell others about it, you notice how special this really is.”