Logistics crisis? In the past years, GVT Group of Logistics has grown strongly. Together with the city, director Wil Versteijnen promoted better infrastructure and new business parks. This created more jobs for Tilburg and more clients for the logistics company.

GVT is located at Vossenberg, the youngest business park in Tilburg. An increasing number of premium consumer goods establish distribution centers here. For example, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Cook Blue, H&M Fashion and Tesla. “There are few companies at Vossenberg we don’t work with,” says Wil Versteijnen with a wave of his arm.

From global supply to European distribution: GVT Group of Logistics takes care of everything for its clients. For example, American company Tesla, which assembles cars for the European market in Tilburg. GVT retrieves shipping containers with car parts from the port of Rotterdam and transfers them to Tesla’s assembly line with just-in-time delivery.

Water and rail

At Vossenberg, GVT hauls containers to its inland terminal along the Wilhelmina canal.

At business park Loven, the logistics service provider owns a rail and an inland terminal. Where containers used to stay at the Rotterdam port, they are now transferred directly to Tilburg by rail or by barge. “That saves storage costs in Rotterdam and clients have the goods at their disposal whenever they want,” the GVT director explains.

Three times a week, a container train from Chengdu, China arrives at the Loven rail terminal. Railway shipment is cheaper than airfreight and is faster than sea transport. It is also a sustainable alternative. Wil: “Large multinationals increasingly see this as an added benefit.”

Because GVT has taken over some strategically located logistics companies in Alkmaar, Apeldoorn en Veendam, they have a dense distribution network in the Benelux. For some clients, goods are delivered directly to the consumer. “Our focus is on business to business, but we can also do business to consumer transport.”

Logistic hotspot

Tilburg is constantly developing as a logistic hotspot. Wil mentions some of the advantages of the city where he was born and raised. “We are strategically located relative to the Rotterdam and Antwerp mainports, we have good infrastructure and there is space to grow. There are ample staff in the region, who never have to travel far because business parks are relatively close to the city.”

The collaboration with the authorities and other entrepreneurs is also good. A great example is the new AllPress Metals business space at Loven, which could be realized thanks to the Housing Fund and Wil’s commitment. He and AllPress agreed on restructuring of the business park and Wil invested in the metal processing company’s new building. In turn, he could realize a new hall for his client DS Smith. “Everybody wins in Tilburg.”