Performing optimally together; that is what it is all about for Van Eerd, who produces folding boxboard cartons for the pharmaceutical industry. “We play in the Champions Leave,” says director Roel van Eerd. “And we play to win.”

Van Eerd is a veritable family business. Current director Roel van Eerd’s grandfather and father owned a printing business in the center of Tilburg. In 2019, we will have been in business for a hundred years. “Making a profit is not our main motivator,” says van Eerd. “Continuity is our main focus.”

Since 1987, the company has focused completely on manufacturing packaging products for the pharmaceutical industry. This focus has proved to be successful. Both their turnover and workforce grew consistently and in 2015, the company made a million-euro investment. For four years now Van Eerd receives the Deloitte Award for Best Managed Companies.

All about the employees

The secret to his success? “At our company, it’s all about the employees,” says Van Eerd. “It is, for example, tradition to present the detailed annual figures transparently to all 125 employees and to close off with a good meal and a beer.” That is also when we announce whether or not they receive a bonus and how high the amount is.

Van Eerd employees are treated well, but we also set the bar high. For example, they need to be able to switch quickly from a two to a three-shift system. “That puts quite a strain on people,” says the director. “They must be willing to work nights a week later.”

Only with that kind of organization, the company is able to optimally tend to its customers. A deal is a deal, whether this concerns numbers and lead times or the absolute precondition that Van Eerd never outsources and always takes care of its own production.

We all care

Van Eerd’s motto is We all care. The idea is that you can only perform best together. Together with employees, clients and important suppliers. “Claassen is our logistic partner,” says the director. “We do projects with them in such a way that we both benefit.”

There is also a good collaboration between Van Eerd and the city of Tilburg. He can always find a sympathetic ear there. “The people at city hall can easily be reached – even the alderman – and they are glad to think along with you.” Tilburg also offered him the possibility to set up his business in a beautiful location overlooking the forest and a lake. A true A1 location.

Van Eerd and others also take responsibility for their surroundings. For years, he served as a board member for business park Kraaiven and the BORT (Regional Businesses Panel Tilburg). The company sponsors clubs and social projects. “If people selflessly invest time and energy in something, regularly we are happy to contribute financially.”