Meeting and inspiring each other. That is what the creative hotspots are about. Tilburg has quite a few of them.

Creative minds find and inspire each other in many areas. Concepts, design, communication, media and ICT together shape innovative products that astound the world. Entrepreneurs in the creative industries feel right at home here. And businesses gladly benefit from this.

The largest and most well-known hotspot in Tilburg is the Spoorzone: an area spanning 75 hectares (185 acres) in the middle of the city, adjoining the railroad tracks and the station. Here we show how proud Tilburg is of its past. This is where old and new, rough and refined, living and work meet. The area appeals to young and old, starting and veteran entrepreneurs, people enjoying life and daredevils. It is an area that solidifies Tilburg as the Netherlands’ 6th largest city thanks to an unconventional and distinct mix.

Many new initiatives crop up in Tilburg with its energetic and hands-on mentality. This creative vibe makes the Spoorzone a breeding ground for knowledge and innovation. Because of the unique cultural and catering establishments, the Spoorzone has grown into a place to explore in Tilburg. Pioneers, trendsetters and those who dare to be different will feel right at home in the Spoorzone.

Creative minds come together and inspire each other in many areas. Design, communication, media and ICT meet to create innovative products to astound the world. Creative entrepreneurs flock here, which also benefits other businesses.

To list but a few creative hotspots:

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