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Like father, like son: a targeted rush to success

Odds are that the painter’s tape that you used the other day in your house is made in Tilburg. All Tape Supplies gives rolls of tape an identity, a brand proposition for each customer. And this tape just keeps on rolling worldwide. Felipe Muñoz Mateu explains why their self-adhesive tape sticks so well.

Customer focus

Felipe Muñoz Mateu started as his father’s assistant, who had been working in the self-adhesive industry for many years. They have been working together since that time. Felipe: “Eleven years ago, we decided to start our own business. What we needed for that was a lot of ambition. To be successful, we needed to deliver quickly and we had to be extremely customer-focussed.”

The Bentley among tapes

This is the vision that distinguishes All Tape Supplies from its competitors. “We make the brand behind the companies. We complete the look of a product, as if it comes from another company. You can find several of our tapes at paint manufacturers, all with a different brand name”, Felipe says enthusiastically. “You can compare our tapes to a car. You can buy a Mercedes everywhere in the world, but we make Bentleys. They have a certain look and quality. In that respect, we operate in the high-end market segment. And there aren’t many suppliers that do that.”


Hidden gems in Tilburg

Felipe Muñoz Mateu and his father are very persistent. They started with just two laptops but managed to conquer the world from their headquarters in Tilburg. Felipe: “You can find our tape everywhere in Europe, in North and South America, China, South Korea and a handful of other Asian countries. We are very successful in Germany; our network is the best there and the way they do business is similar to ours. “Logistically speaking, Tilburg offers enormous added value for the company. It is also beneficial for business relations, because you run into each other all the time. For instance at Willem II or at the Junior Kamer of which I am a member. The transparency here is very good for business. Frankly, it should be even more transparent. Tilburg is full of hidden gems, which still amazes me. A lot of people do not realise how internationally-oriented Tilburg is.”

All Tape Supplies will become an even bigger international player. “Over the next three years, we want to double our business and we want to quadruple it within five to ten years”, Felipe says full of conviction. “I am proud that the heartbeat of the organisation is very steady and that we are leaders in the field of IT.” The ingredients for this exponential growth are there.

The product can be seen as part of the exhibition 'Tilburg and its makers' at Hotel Mercure, Heuvelpoort 300, Tilburg.