Croquettes De Bourgondiër - Ad van Geloven

A style that fits the mentality

Canned soup. That is how we got to know Ad van Geloven originally. But after a while, Mr. van Geloven felt an urge to make meat croquettes because according to him, he couldn’t find a decent meat croquette anywhere. And that is how the company Ad van Geloven started at the Kraaivenstraat 1 in Tilburg. Today, the brands Ad van Geloven, Mora, Van Lieshout, Welten, Kroketterij De Bourgondiër, Hebro, Van Dobben, KB, Kwekkeboom, Laan and Souflesse are all part of Ad van Geloven. Key Account Manager Roland Huijbregts tells about the success of the meat croquette.

Making a career within the company  

Roland Huijbregts is passionate about what he does. In 1991, he began his career at Ad van Geloven: “I started working at this wonderful company as a merchandiser, climbed up the ladder via various commercial positions and I am now Key Account Manager.” Being born and bred in Tilburg, he is most proud of the croquettes of Kroketterij De Bourgondiër. “The high-quality beef croquettes of Kroketterij De Bourgondiër originated in the southern part of the country. They fit our mentality well. Here, we enjoy tasteful food, delicious drinks and good company. The people here really appreciate the crunchy coating and the delicious and creamy filling made of pulled meat”, Ronald tells tastily.

 Responsibility to local suppliers

The meat croquettes are made in the Ad van Geloven factory in Tilburg. “This is the European headquarters where we employ 400 people. Some additional 1000 employees work in the rest of the country”, Roland says. The company is therefore truly integrated in the region. “Our staff is very involved and motivated; they are our ambassadors.” At the same time, Roland recognises that Tilburg also offers a lot of opportunities. “Tilburg has been investing in living and working areas for years. The Piushaven and the Spoorzone, for instance. Tilburg is a city on the grow, they are supportive and they try to help us where they can. That makes it easy to run a successful business in Tilburg.” Ad van Geloven often collaborates with local suppliers. “This way, the lines of communication remain short. At the same time, we feel a responsibility to help the local suppliers, which is also very typical of Tilburg”, Roland decides.


Integrating in the region

Roland is a social man and a natural networker: “It is important to connect yourself to Tilburg and to learn more about the city. There is plenty opportunity to do so. For instance, during the Young Business Club of Willem II for starting entrepreneurs, the BOB-borrels [a cocktail networking event], the round-table discussions, Tilburg Trappers, but there also many clubs where you can build a valuable network. It is just another way of how Ad van Geloven anchors himself in Tilburg.”

The product can be seen as part of the exhibition 'Tilburg and its makers' at Hotel Mercure, Heuvelpoort 300, Tilburg.