Power sisters chasing their dreams

The fashion industry often plans three seasons in advance. Power sisters Miriam and Jolanda, however, present a new women’s collection of their brand SRNDPTY each month. That’s twelve collections per year that can be seen back in more than two hundred stores nationwide and that are sold online via the successful consumer webshop and an online wholesaler.

Late night parcels

Miriam Swaans is the oldest of the two. In 2004, she started her own writing agency where she gained a lot of experience with online trajectories and e-commerce. In her line of work, she would meet many entrepreneurs who had started a webshop. Because she was often very intensively involved with this, she saw exactly what worked and what didn’t. This challenged Miriam to give it a try herself: “In 2008, I started my own webshop dressesonly.nl. I started from my own house and I would pack the parcels at night. Every day, we would drive to the post office with a car filled with parcels. The entire living room was filled with our inventory and after a while, it got to be too much. Jolanda came on board in 2010. That was the moment for us to make a big change.”

Network opens doors

Jolanda Swaans comes from the world of real estate. “When Miriam asked me to join dressesonly.nl, I immediately said yes and took a leap of faith”, she tells full of enthusiasm. With Jolanda on board, business was booming. Not long after, the sisters started SRNDPTY. Jolanda: “We had been dreaming of our own label for a while, but neither of us had a background in fashion. Someone told us about a workshop in Tilburg and that opened doors for us.” Miriam: “You can’t find this type of craft business online. Without our network in Tilburg, we might have never found it.”


Lots of goodwill

From design to production, from sale to distribution; everything gets done in Tilburg. Jolanda: “This has a lot of advantages. We are able to shift gears quickly. Moreover, Tilburg is accessible. The people here have a lot of goodwill and are willing to share their network if it helps you.’ Miriam: “Switching quickly and the warm contact fit in well with the style of SRNDPTY. Clothes are made by people and we made a conscious choice to make them here.”

Jolanda and Miriam believe in slow, quality growth rather than large-scale production. “Our unique and unchanging style and the monthly presentation of our collection; that is what our brand represents. We will continue to do this. We will remain focussed on SRNPTY and rolling out our brand in the entire country”, Jolanda tells with great confidence. A solid plan that fits Tilburg perfectly.


The product can be seen as part of the exhibition 'Tilburg and its makers' at Hotel Mercure, Heuvelpoort 300, Tilburg.https://www.mercure-tilburg.nl/