White egg sponge cake - De Maro

A smooth-talking go-getter with a lot of experience

A white egg sponge cake. Have you ever tasted this authentic product from Tilburg? The white egg sponge cake is the queen among the egg sponge cakes, the pastry with your coffee and a delicious snack if you are peckish. Twenty thousand white egg sponge cakes daily are rolling off the conveyer belt at the De Maro factory, managed by the friendly and spontaneous Bart Snijders.

 A new generation

“As a child, I always said that I wanted to be a baker,” Bart Snijders says enthusiastically. It looks like he did just that. With his white coat, he looks like a modern baker. “When I was nineteen, I started working at De Maro which was a family-owned business. Shortly thereafter, Gerard Roodklif asked me if I wanted to take over the bakery since he had no children of his own”, Bart continues. He became co-owner and in 2006, Gerard transferred the business to Bart, just like a father would do for his own son. “The timing was right. Because we are from different generations, we had different thoughts about where the bakery should go. I wanted to invest, modernise, automate and get certified. The latter was needed to survive in the world of retail, food service, out-of-home & export.”

Specialise to survive

Bart: “When I started, De Maro offered a wide range of products. But if you want to survive, you must specialise. That is why I continued with the egg sponge cakes, which has always been the core business.” The bakery had to move a couple of times because of its rapid growth, but eventually ended up at the Knippersven in Berkel-Enschot. “The project developer of the business park found my story so inspiring that he gave me room to grow and build.” Bart is a go-getter, he has a lot of experience and his smooth talking gets him places. “When I asked the bank for money to expand the business again, they first told me I was crazy. After much negotiations, I finally was successful and I got the bank to believe in my plans,” Bart says with a twinkle in his eyes.


Doing business on an outdoor terrace

The white egg sponge cake has its origins in Tilburg. A long time ago, someone gave the recipe to Marinus Roodklif. Bart: “It is a difficult recipe. We are the only bakery in the entire country that makes it in such large quantities.” Over the years, the white egg sponge cake has gained in popularity and finally found its way into the retail world. “Regionally speaking, the white egg sponge cake sells more, but I would like to make the sponge cake popular in the entire country. I hope that the industry in Tilburg and my network here can contribute to that goal, because they have proven their value before in the region. Yesterday, for example, when I accidentally did business on an outdoor terrace.” Bart sponsors the Tilburg Trappers with a mini white egg sponge cake: “Let’s hope that they become very successful and that the white egg sponge cake benefits from it!”


The product can be seen as part of the exhibition 'Tilburg and its makers' at Hotel Mercure, Heuvelpoort 300, Tilburg.