"This is where I breathe freely and feel happy", said King Willem II about Tilburg. That says something about the city. Everyone is welcome here. Tilburg is raw, experimental, social, humorous, contrary and energetic. What you see is what you get. Your business has a future in Tilburg.

Collaboration is in Tilburg’s DNA. By actively seeking each other out, close collaborations are formed, unbreakable bonds created. By harnessing knowledge and skills, entrepreneurs put their city on the map. Companies outside Tilburg also know how to find us. This year, for example, HEMA opens its first flagship store, and Unilever swiftly navigates to Tilburg to test new products. If you want to make it, you can make it in Tilburg!

Pilot city and breeding ground in the Netherlands

We feel that we should no longer hide our quality as the ‘most normal and social city in the Netherlands’, but to emphasize it. Tilburg has the most fertile testing grounds for large and small businesses that continuously develop new realities. Innovation comes naturally. This is because Tilburg’s entrepreneurial climate enables this. Tilburg is a meeting place for knowledge, data, labor, talent, creativity, diversity, logistics, and flexible and collaborative authorities.

Tilburg Tests, Trains, Testifies

This is where generation T lives, studies and works. A generation of businesses and people who all propagate ‘social economics’, making them crucial to Dutch and global developments. There are labs and platforms to test and grow. Tilburg is the ultimate breeding ground for businesses because it all adds up and everyone participates. That is the heart and soul of Tilburg and draws businesses in. We are incredibly proud to have you be part of this.